Trade Winds Studios Connect - User’s Guide

How to use Trade Winds Studios Connect - for Volunteers and Managers

Trade Winds Studios Connect - User’s Guide

Everyone should read this page. It takes under a minute and it will give you the framework for what’s discussed in the rest of this document.

Users, Organizations, & Tasks

Everything is built around these items.

  • Users Yep, you and everyone else is a user on this system. If you are not logged in, then you’re an anonymous user. While as a user you may have claims (explained below) to an organization, a user is not owned by an organization. Users have global scope.
  • Organizations The national party, state parties, county parties, and campaigns are all organizations. The national party has state parties and presidential campaign(s) as children. The state party has county parties and all campaigns in that state as children.
  • Tasks This is why we’re here. Organizations have tasks. Users sign up for tasks. All tasks are either an event, like in your personal calendar, which have a start and stop time. Events can be recurring and/or have shifts. Or a task is a project which is defined around work to be accomplished and has a due date. (details here…)


As a volunteer, you sign up for an task. You can say you are interested (may participate), sign up (you will be there), or, tell the system to not suggest a specific task anymore.

The system uses AI to suggest the tasks that you are most likely to find interesting. To help the AI, the more complete you fill out your user profile, the better a job it will do. For example, if it knows your address, it can suggest tasks that are close to where you live.


This uses claims that a user has to determine permissions or rights. For example a user is not a Campaign Manager. Instead a given user has the Campaign Manager claim on the campaign Dave 4 Governor. That user now has Manager rights for that specific campaign, but is a Volunteer in respect to every other campaign.

Site Pages

Remember, you may be a Manager of some organizations and/or a SysAdmin. But you are also a Volunteer everywhere.

On the other end of the scale, if you’re an anonymous user, you are also a Volunteer. However, an anonymous user cannot signup to an task. And the AI will do a lousy job suggesting tasks if you’re anonymous as it knows nothing of you.